Our juices are made using NFC technology (without concentrates).

Our carefully selected, healthy and high quality fruits go through a complex pressing process.  75% of the most nutritious and wholesome juice is pressed of every apple. This allows us to keep the original taste and scent of the fruits. The characteristic haze and sediment is simply a residue from the fruits.

This way of manufacturing juice, guarantees high quality, natural produce, full of vitamins and nutrients.

We offer high variety of apple and mixed juices such as: apple – pear, apple – raspberry, apple- strawberry, apple – blackcurrant, apple – carrot and apple- beetroot.

We propose different types of convenient packaging:

  • Bottle – from 0,2 litres to 1 litre
  • Bag’in’box – 3 litres and 5iltres
  • Tank 25000 kilograms and paleto-tank 1000 litres
  • Bespoke packaging

ikony_bag ikony_paletotank ikony_tir

Fruits prepared through this method, are ready to be used in baking and dessert production. In the process of roasting, we lower the pressure, which enables us to shorten the time of thermal processing of fruits. Through this, we achieve highest quality taste of our apples.

Roasted apples are available in jars (0,9 litres), or in a bespoke packaging as required by the client.

The purées are ready to be used in making cakes and other desserts.

The production process and selection of fruits are aimed at achieving highest quality purée, whilst maintaining the natural taste of the fruit. We offer the following kinds of purées: apple, blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry.


  • Barrel – 200 litres
  • Bag’in‘box – 1000 litres
  • Bespoke packaging

ikony_beczka ikony_paletotank

Frozen apples

Our apples maintain highest quality, thanks to the IQF freezing technology.

Through speedy freezing process, we manage to separate our fruits, whilst maintaining the natural nutrition values and composition throughout the curation/ storage period.

The produce is perfect for using in catering, and is available in the following types of packaging:

  • Carton – 8 kilograms and 10 kilograms
  • Sack – 15 kilograms
  • Skrzyniopaleta – 360 kilograms
  • Bespoke packaging

We are able to slice fruits into various shapes, as required by the client.

ikony_karton ikony_worekikony_paleta

We offer dried fruits, which are great as a healthy snack or as an additional ingredient for other products eg. muesli. We use two types of technology to produce our dried apples:

Traditional method – thanks to the slow drying and vaporization process, we make classic apple crisps and apple cubes.

Puffing method – in this method, we apply fast drying process, lasting from 1 to 3 minutes. Because of the lowered pressure and action of microwaves, we obtain fuller, more nutritious fruits than when using the traditional method.

We pack dried apples as required by the client.

We offer our services in the bottling of juices in glass bottles and Bag in Box packaging type.

ikony_butelki ikony_bag

Our assets

We produce:

NFC juice: 80.000 L / daily 54
Apple puréesy: 20.000 kg / daily 66

We peel:

75 000 kg apples / daily 50


Bottle 0,33 l – 180.000 pcs / daily 68
Bag in Box 3 l – 24000 pcs / daily 67

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