About us

G.P.O Polskie Sady is a fruit producers group who specialises in apple production, sorting, packaging, processing and distribution.

Stakeholders such as orchard farms from Wilga, Warka, Biała Rawska and Grójec are the shareowners of our Group.We have been operating for over 30 years, focusing particularly on the apple production. For those 30 years, we have been working effortlessly to continuously improve the quality of our fruits, as well as to develop the land covering orchard planting. Currently, we produce and sell 20 thousand ton of fruits a year. We specialise in modern varieties of apples such as: Royal Gala, Red JonaPrince, Mutsu, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious.

At ‘Polskie Sady’ we process and package apples produced in the orchards of our shareowners, as well as in over 100 farms cooperating with our company. Our clients are large supermarket chains in Poland and abroad.

Our priority is the quality and reliability of our produce, guaranteed by the following certificates: BRC. For the last few years we have expanded our range and started processing apples. We produce sliced and peeled apples as well apple juices. Our apples are sliced into cubes and peeled, and are available fresh, frozen, roasted and dried. We also produce apple and mixed juices, as well as apple purée.

Our assets

  • Highest quality fruits
  • Modern varieties of apples
  • Producing 20 thousand ton of apples a year
  • Using ILOS-PLUS technology
  • Quality certification: BRC
  • Producing fresh, frozen, roasted and dried apples
  • Natural, pressed apple juice